– Updates (wp 4.9.5, divi 3.1.1, plugins)
– TweenMax and GSAP update la 1.20.4
– Removed unnecessary things from previous versions
– Custom 404 made right in M5 theme. Customize from Divi->Library->404
– Contact Form 7 submit button improved. Using legacy cf7 input rather than button.
– Improved custom css and js
– Improved cookie notice
– XML Sitemap
– New original magic5 scripts – slider, custom scrolling… (look in /themes/M5/js/magic/ and check /themes/M5/functions php)


– Updates
– Cleaning unnecessary things from previous versions
– Adding htaccess file
– „m5-login” is now „supermagiemagica”


– „m5-data” back to „wp-content”
– Bug fixes

v2.0 Tweaks

– Vertical align text (Equalize column heights and add class „v-align” to text column)
– Left/right text/image correct order on mobile (add class „needs-switch” to row and „sw1” „sw2” to columns)
– Center on mobile (add class „center-on-mobile” on almost anything to align center on width below 980px)

– M5 logo SVG: class „m5logo” (background class „m5logo-background”, letters class „m5logo-letters”), location stylesheet_directory_uri – /res/m5-logo.svg

– Speed Tweaks (js defer parsing, remove script version, compress html, css, javascript, text, xml and fonts, add expire caching)
– Security Tweaks (see Security tab)
– Divi Contact Form fields fix
– Custom404 included
– LoftLoader included
– „wp-content” is now „m5-data”
– „wp-admin” is now „m5-login”

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